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Artist, author and writer Marian Christy visited Stuart

Friday night, which is usually a somewhat quiet night in Downtown Stuart, was not the case on January 15, 2010. Downtown Stuart seemed a little more a glow like being in New York City's Soho. Street carolers promoting stage productions went through town as beautiful music rocked SE Ocean Blvd. created by live bands. Vendors along with some of the best musicians I have heard in long while in our somewhat "quiet" but precious little town were doing what they do best. Stuart buzzed and even hummed celebrating both the dead and the living. Stuart's Cultural Art Center was busy honoring a veteran artist of our city, Howard Schaeffer. However, meanwhile just off of confusion corner Marian Christy's works were on display at the Grand Opening of  Osceola32. 

Where a few hundred people were sipping champagne and eating appetizers outdoors as they took in the magic of the "Christy" everyone longs to own. Viewers could not believe that one woman could create such a wide array of mystical and unique french impressionistic watercolors. This was a powerful moment for Bostonian Marian Christy who humbly stood before her art. The illustrious celebrity, Boston Globe columnist, acclaimed award winning writer made her first trip to Florida since her accident which damaged her one arm. Remarkably she journeyed to Stuart to exhibit her art for the first time in a commercial gallery. Everyone had an opportunity to speak with Christy as she explained her ground breaking technique in watercolor with use of the palette knife. 

The Roddy winning painter, who is outwardly beautiful as well as is inwardly, at age 78 gracefully answered questions and recited her stories which accompanied each painting throughout the night. It was both a tender and poignant moment to see the artist amongst so many attentive viewers who sincerely welcomed her to Stuart. Her prolific amount of works were impeccably assembled and displayed assisted by Pat Hendershot art consultant to the gallery. Robert Steinberg played piano throughout the entire night providing an ambiance of celebration and respect for such an amazing moment in Stuart's history.

The comments from all attending shared the central theme of appreciation for the opportunity to witness such a brilliant show: "One woman many perspectives III." The "Why not Stuart show" had paved the way for the absolutely metamorphosis of Stuart's being called "Little Soho's sister."
"Keep on keeping on" Osceola32 and a hearty welcome indeed.

Osceola 32 gallery aims to be a multicultural center for community

By Mike Readling; Photo by Guy Kitchens

STUART — Tucked just off of the Osceola circle in downtown Stuart is the city’s newest creative outlet.

The brown outside walls and bare display windows at Osceola 32 don’t do justice to the colorful art hanging on the walls inside.

Proprietors Rachel Goldberg and Michael Penn have major plans for the new gallery, and are planning a grand opening in January.

“We want this to be a gallery, but we’ve been in so many different places and seen so many backgrounds and cultures that we want to have a lot of cultural events as well,” Goldberg said. “We will have different groups in to use the facility. We really want to tie into the local community and make this a place where there is a lot going on.”

Goldberg has been coming to Stuart since her father moved here 38 years ago. She said she realizes the importantance of art in the local community.

A painter, writer, singer and speaker of seven languages, Penn has traveled the world. He has stacks of journals with thoughts, ideas and observations, including sketches, some of which he has turned into the giclees that hang on the wall of the gallery.

The writing in the journals is a conglomeration of languages and the art on the wall ranges from what he calls his early days — “You can see I just let the colors tell me what to do” — to some of his more recent works. In those, he said, you can see his vision come more into focus.

“I was never intending to be an artist per se; I think I was aspiring to be one,” he said.
As part of its regular schedule, Osceola 32 will present exhibits by a variety of artists. Besides Penn, at least one other local artist will be featured, and there will be guest artists whom Goldberg and Penn have met through their work in Boston.

One of those, Marian Christy, is scheduled to be on display in January, showcasing her groundbreaking techniques with watercolors. Christy has mastered painting with a palette knife, creating striking paintings.

“They are so powerful,” Penn said. “Every one of them takes you to a powerful state.”

Goldberg and Penn want to schedule the grand opening in and around the time Christy will be in the Stuart area.

This article is from TCPalm.com, posted December 17, 2009.